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SAPPMA is the latest plastics industry association to sign the OCS Pledge

The Southern African Plastic Pipe Manufactures Association   (SAPPMA) has become the latest plastics industry association in South Africa to sign the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) pledge – an international stewardship programme designed to prevent the loss of plastic resin (pellets, flakes, and powders) and ensure that this material is kept out of the marine environment. […]

A Recycling success story about lightweight concrete blocks!

The biggest success for polystyrene recycling in recent months has undoubtedly come from this innovative and exciting new use and application that mixes an aggregate of post-consumer and post-industrial polystyrene granulated into beads with cement and additives to form insulated, soundproof, fireproof, water-resistant lightweight concrete blocks and screeds. Step 1:  PS recycling Video Step 2: […]

Do you re-use your PP? Research reveals all

Research has highlighted that a significant proportion of consumers re-use margarine, large yoghurt, and ice-cream tubs made from polypropylene (PP), extending their lifespan and keeping these products out of landfill. Led by the Polyolefin Responsibility Organisation NPC (Polyco), the ‘PP tub re-use research’ aims to guide a higher-level of repurposing for these plastic packaging items […]

What do the numbers on plastic products mean?

Have you ever seen the symbols on plastic products that look like a recycling logo with a number inside? These are called the material identification codes. They tell plastic manufacturers and recyclers which polymers are present in the plastic product. These symbols do not have anything to do with the number of times the plastic […]

All About Plastics: Polystyrene facts

What is PS? Polystyrene is a lightweight polymer that comes in two types; high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) and expandable polystyrene (PS-E or EPS). It was first sold commercially in the 1930s as an economic plastic to enhance food hygiene and extend product shelf-lives. PS is commonly used in the food and beverage industry as takeaway containers, […]