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No immediate power tariff impact

No immediate power tariff impact, but first court ruling portends material future hikes   The Eskom tariff increase for 2020/21 tabled before lawmakers this week provides no scope for any further hikes this year beyond those already sanctioned for April 1 by the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) in previous price determinations and […]

The Power to Protect

When developing transport solutions, designers strive to find the ideal balance between high material performance, competitive pricing, style, comfort, safety, fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Innovative plastics are a key contributor, because: Plastic components weigh 50 percent less than similar components made from other materials, which means a 25 to 35% improvement in fuel economy. For every kilogram […]

Plastics in Agriculture

The use of plastics in agriculture helps farmers increase crop production, improve food quality and reduce the ecological footprint of their activity. Not only do plastics allow for vegetables and fruits to be grown throughout the year, no matter the season, these products are also usually of better quality than those grown in an open […]

Plastic piping – supplying our communities

Plastic piping networks form an integral, expensive, long term and extremely important part of the infrastructure of this country. Plastic piping is used across the complete spectrum of many industries – mining, civil, irrigation, industrial, telecommunication and building. Around 150 000 tons of pipe (PVC and HDPE) is produced annually in South Africa, representing many […]

Have your say – Draft Position Paper on biodegradable and compostable packaging

The South African Initiative to End Plastic Waste has initiated a process of developing a position paper on biodegradable and compostable packaging in South Africa. The objectives of this paper are two-fold: ● To provide a balanced perspective and consolidated position for South Africa with regard to biodegradable and compostable packaging, based on sound research […]

Polystyrene successes in South Africa

Polystyrene (PS) is the sixth most widely recycled polymer in South Africa. This plastic is lightweight and durable.  It is most commonly used in the food and restaurant industry. In fact, just over 5500 tonnes of PS was recycled in South Africa last year. Polystyrene is one of the most widely-used polymers for food storage […]

Plastic packaging type 5 – PP

Modern life as we know it would not be possible without plastics and plastic packaging. They keep our goods protected, our food fresh and are vital for the functioning of daily life, whether we are aware of it or not. Plastics has many advantages, including cost-effective production and being easy to recycle and reuse. Plastics […]