Plastics SA and other packaging industry members were integral partners at the Clean City SA Mandela Day Clean-up which took place in Hillbrow: Packaging SA, PETCO, POLYCO, Glass Recycling Company, Dow.

Despite its rich history, Hillbrow, which has existed for over 120 years, has been severely affected by urban decay, litter, illegal dumping and crime.  The suburb is estimated to house over 75, 000 people in over 200 buildings.
The purpose of CleanCity SA’s  first annual Mandela Day clean-up was to “Take Action” by cleaning up Claim street and its surrounding blocks and the PlasticsSA team was excited to be part of this ‘first’.
16 organisations, 361 people, volunteered their 67 minutes to clean-up. The difference in the area was wonderful to see but most important, we were part of a message to each and every person who saw us, that litter is unacceptable and should not be in the environment.
Much work still needs to be done, but, the seeds were sown and hopefully, in time, the local residents will see the value and start taking action in their own streets.
Plastics SA provided the refuse bags and gloves for the teams who cleaned up.
Photographs taken on the day are available to view in the Gallery.