Join the Million Plus recycling initiative

Join the Million Plus recycling initiative

Polyco, a South African not-for-profit organisation that aims to reduce the amount of polyolefin waste in landfills, has launched a new recycling initiative called Million Plus. This recycling revolution encourages South Africans to commit to using plastic responsibly by keeping used packaging out of the environment and landfills. Their main goal is to get South Africans to recycle their packaging waste.

“It is unapologetically an initiative to change the country’s behaviour and get more South Africans recycling their plastic packaging,” reads the initiative’s manifesto. Million Plus aims to get over one million citizens to take the pledge on the website and add their names to the list of other committed recyclers. 

The initiative aims to create a recycling revolution. Each signatory is encouraged to recruit others and spread the word about the importance of recycling. By doing so, recycling will become the norm and a new reality whereby the South African environment is protected from litter and the recycling industry is further supported for the good of the national economy.

What does a Million Plus recycler do?

All committed recyclers should employ the following daily practices and habits:

  1. Recycle all the plastic packaging that you buy, instead of discarding it in a general waste bin.
  2. Encourage friends, family and colleagues to recycle.
  3. Tell Polyco how your recycling is collected (or where you drop off your recycling) so that they can create an accurate database of local recycling companies for the benefit of others.

Recycling can make the difference

South Africa has a well-established recycling industry that provides income for around 60 000 South Africans and helps to keep valuable materials out of the environment and in circulation. Recycling is an easy change to make in the home; simply separating waste into different materials can make a big difference to the environment and the economy.

Every South African can make a difference that has far-reaching benefits. If one million people commit to this cause and start recycling their waste at home, then South Africa will be a cleaner and more sustainable place in which to live. Join the recycling revolution by signing up on the Million Plus website and start spreading the word about the importance of recycling.

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