Plastics SA launches its FIT for Purpose Campaign

The importance of something being “Fit for Purpose” is one of the key concepts of success in our modern world today. It describes the way in which a product or service is able to meet the specific demands for which it was selected or created.

Despite the harsh criticism often leveled against it, plastics have time and time again proven to be the ideal material for the 21st century. Lightweight, yet strong. Durable, yet easily disposable and recyclable. Versatile, economical and convenient, virtually every area of our lives depend on plastics to make it more efficient, cost-effective and easier.  For this reason, Plastics|SA has developed a brand new marketing and advertising campaign entitled “Fit for Purpose”.

During the past decade much research has gone into producing new-generation plastic products that offer performance that is far superior than any other material. For this reason,  it was important for us to focus people’s attention on the many positive attributes of plastics and why it is the material of choice for so many modern day applications such as building and construction, education, entertainment and lifestyle, sports, healthcare, packaging etc.

Our ongoing appeal will be to use plastics responsibly and to ensure that all plastic products are recycled once they have reached their end-of-life. In this way, many new products are created that often have a longer lifecycle than their original purpose. Whether preventing food waste and extending the shelf life of fresh produce, or saving a life with medical devices, a lot of research goes into using the right type of plastic for the right application.

Plastics truly are fit for purpose: highly functional, impressively innovative and widely trusted!

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