Plastics SA, the umbrella body representing the entire South African plastics industry, has just released the plastics recycling figures for the year ending December 2019.

A detailed survey into the state of the country’s plastics recycling industry is conducted annually by Annabé Pretorius of Plastix 911 – an independent consultant who has an unsurpassable knowledge of the industry and has formed a wide network of recyclers with whom she conducts one-on-one interviews.

“The collection, documentation and publication of updated and detailed data regarding the amounts of plastics that were produced, processed and recycled in South Africa, provides us with an important instrument to gauge the growth and development of the industry. It goes without saying that end-of-life solutions for plastics waste are an important focus for us.

Even our best efforts will be futile if we don’t have the support of the general public and a commitment by every South African to be a responsible user and recycler of plastic. Only by working together, will we truly begin to make a lasting change.

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