Sustainable Coastal Clean-ups have thankfully become a popular activity as more and more people become aware of the state of our urban environment.  This is critical, as this is where most marine debris in South Africa originates from.

However, in the dry and windswept areas of the Northern Cape, large stretches of coastline, near mining areas, remain unserviced and unnoticed.  Plastics SA has always supported clean-ups in these areas, providing bags for cleanups and encouraging communities to look after their environment.

Marine pollution and debris, generated by local communities and swept in on the Benguela current (which eventually feeds the South Atlantic Ocean Gyre), is washed up along the West Coast of South Africa.

John Kieser, our Environmental Manager in the Cape, recently visited these areas to drop off 10 000 bags with the Working for the Coast Organisation.  The community didn’t waste time – they tackled the town, the beach and the outlying areas, collecting litter.

Plastics SA, with a friendly donation from Mpact, donated 8 wheeliebins to two schools in the Strand/Somerset West.  6 were donated to Danie Ackerman Primary School, while another 2 were donated for their recycling project, to Hendrik Louw Primary school.  This was in support of the Helderberg Ocean Awareness Movement.

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