We are fully aware of the fact that this is a very difficult time for our industry and country and that finances and resources are stretched. However, this is an exceptional time in the history of our nation. With innovative, out-of-the-box thinking and collective efforts, we believe that the plastics industry will be able to make a  valuable contribution.

Globally, we have seen how the plastics manufacturers have stepped up to the challenge by rapidly changing their production lines  in order to provide in-demand items, ranging from disinfectants and hand sanitizers, to gloves, face shields and ventilators.

Plastics SA would like to encourage our members to take up this challenge with us by coming onboard with one of the following initiatives:

Two practical ways in which the plastics industry can make a difference:

The SA Plastics Industry would love to be in the position to donate protective gear (i.e. gloves and masks, face screens) hand sanitizer and other equipment needed to our frontline forces.

If you are a raw material supplier, manufacturer or product developer, please get in touch with us to let us know how and what you are able to provide or produce.

All offers, ideas and suggestions are welcome!

Never before in the history of our democracy has our country been confronted by such a severe situation. However, it is a situation that we will be able to overcome if we work together.

If you are unable to donate products or services in the fight against the Coronavirus, but would like to make a financial donation to the Solidarity Fund along with other players in the plastics industry, please get in touch with us!