​Research Projects

  • ​2018    ​lack of plastics technicians and plastics engineers in South Africa and what can be done to address the issue
  • ​​2016    What leads to an innovation culture?

​Research focusing on the innovative practices in companies that leads to an innovation culture was conducted​ during 2016, in companies, by having group interviews with integral managers.  The research was conducted during March 2016, through interviews with 97 senior and technical managers from 40 different companies who shared insights on building a stronger innovation culture in the South African Plastics Industry.

The research objectives were to:

  1. Determine the innovation practices adopted by companies in order to build the right innovation capabilities;
  2. Stratify the degree of innovative practice within the plastics industry with disaggregation in relation to level of innovative practice, company size and location (informed by the stratification) explore in-depth innovative practices adopted by the most innovative companies and the particular characteristics of company-specific innovation cultures.
  3. Develop a matrix of skills, knowledge and abilities – skill sets and the occupational requirements – to foster the notion of innovation for creating an innovation culture.  

   Key Findings: 
• Perspectives on “surviving” and “thriving” in the market
• Reflections on scope for (radical) innovation in the sector
• Respondent views on key industry contextual factors impacting on company sustainability and competitiveness
• Innovation status in the plastics sector

​Thanks to the following companies who participate in the Plastics Chamber Research:

  • UV Tooling
    HIC Straws
    Berry & Spence
    Atlantic Plastic Recycling
    Alpine Injection Mouldings
    Polyoak Packaging
    Bowler Plastics
    Spicoly Plastics
    Henrose Plastics
    Ductile Plastics
    Principle Plastics
    Pioneer Plastics
    DST-CSIR: Nano-materials Industrial Dev Facility, NIDF
    Sasol Base Chemicals & Polymers

  • Elementary Chemicals
    Centre for Polymer Technology (CPT) @ CSIR
    Productivity Eng. Services & Consultants (PESC)
    MCG industries
    DPI Plastics
    JoJo Tanks
    Versatile Plastics
    Plastic Bubbles
    Nampak Liquid
    Mpact Plastics
    Pak 2000
    Continental Compounders
    Amrey Plastics
    Barrier Film
    Mahle Behr SA