A learnership is a vocational education and training programme to facilitate the linkage between structured learning and work experience in order to obtain a registered qualification. 

Learnerships are the recommended frame within which to explore the new opportunities. They directly address the "how" of the Skills Development Strategy.

Learnerships are intended to address the gap between education and training provision and the needs of the labour market.

​Plastics Manufacturing NQF2 - Scheduled Learnership

​​Plastics Manufacturing NQF2 In-house Learnership

Plastics Manufacturing NQF3 - Scheduled Learnership

Plastics Manufacturing NQF3 - In-house Learnership

Plastics Manufacturing NQF4 Scheduled Learnership

Plastics Manufacturing NQF4 - In-house Learnership

​Production Technology NQF2 - Scheduled Learnership

​Polymer Composite Fabrication NQF2 Inhouse Scheduled Learnership

​Polymer Composite Fabrication NQF3 Scheduled Learnership

​Polymer Composite Fabrication NQF4 Inhouse Learnership

​Polymer Composite Fabrication NQF 4 - Scheduled Learnership

​Polymer Compound Manufacturing NQF2 - In-house Learnership

​Polymer Compound Manufacturing NQF3 - Learnership

​Generic Management NQF5 - Scheduled Learnership

​Thermoplastic Fabrication NQF2 - Scheduled Learnership

Thermoplastic Fabrication NQF3 - Scheduled Learnership

​Thermoplastic Fabrication NQF4 - Scheduled Learnership