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Recycling plastic presents income opportunities for South Africans
One of the best motivating forces for recycling plastic waste comes from the income opportunities that it creates. This is[...]
Call for nominations for 2019 Caroline Reid Award
Plastics SA is in search of nominations for the 2019 Caroline Reid Award. This award is given to the ‘Clean-up[...]
Why participating in community clean-ups is important
September was Clean-up and Recycle Month in South Africa. A number of beach clean-ups and community recycling events took place[...]
Keeping our environment clean is a collective responsibility
As the global population increases rapidly, societies around the world need to come up with more efficient solutions to controlling[...]
Plastics SA helps to tackle plastics pollution with ocean clean-ups
During the month of September 2019, Plastics SA is on a drive to clean up the environment and promote recycling[...]
Clean-up and Recycle SA Week takes place mid-September
Plastics SA and the entire industry is committed to cleaning the environment and removing litter from our rivers, beaches, oceans[...]
International Coastal Clean-up Day
September is Clean-up and Recycle Month in South Africa. A number of community clean-ups and waste collection campaigns are being[...]
National Recycling Day South Africa
September marks national Clean-up and Recycle Month. Numerous community clean-ups and litter collection campaigns are being organised around the country[...]