From the Desk of Anton Hanekom

​'It is of vital importance that legislators, local government, consumers and the plastics industry continue to work together on developing solutions that are sustainable, well researched and properly evaluated. Only through this combined effort can we ensure that resources are utilized and managed efficiently and cater to an increasing population seeking the unrivaled benefits offered by plastics packaging.' ​

​Ringfence plastic Bag Levy ​to fight Plastics pollution

​This statement is an extract of a speech delivered by Anton Hanekom, Executive Director of Plastics|SA, entitled “Replacing plastics: blessing or curse?”, at the ProPak Conference at Nasrec, Johannesburg.  

'The call to ban plastic products is a simplistic response to a complex problem.'

​Plastics Industry determined to find solution to plastics pollution.  

'The only way to stop plastic ending up in our oceans and rivers is to create the infrastructure for consumers to recycle used plastic and other waste material.'     Read Anton's full statement.

​Budget Speech 2019: tax on single-use plastics

While a tax on single-use plastics might satisfy an emotional impulse, it is not the answer. ​It will do little to change behaviour, and it won’t stop plastic pollution.  Anton had this to say.

South African Alliance to End Plastic Pollution

Never before has the issue of plastics pollution - and specifically plastics in our oceans – been so central.  ​Your commitment is essential to end plastic pollution.  Pledge your support and sign up to the South African Alliance to End Plastic Pollution.