Plastics|SA would like to ensure there is no lack of wisdom relating to the plastics industry as well as safe and healthy handling of materials and makes it a priority to ensure everyone stays informed. Please see some of our frequently asked questions answered below.

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Why should you join one of Plastics|SA’s member associations?

Plastics |SA offers the following benefits to our members: ​

Let your voice be heard

Plastics|SA offers members the unique opportunity to share experience and resolve industryissues through unified action and to influence the South African plastics industry’s strategic direction at all levels from overall policy to standards. The scope also includes liaison with municipalities, government on a provincial and local level, the DTI and the SABS to name a few.

Networking opportunities

Members can participate in exclusive member only networking events including seminars, meetings, conferences and the Annual Awards Ceremony.

A Global Network

Plastics|SA is at the centre of the global plastics community, developing links with plastic industries around the globe, giving members access to global markets.

Plastics Market Information

Members will have access to detailed plastics information, including information on Research and Development, statistics affecting the plastic industry, recycling information and more.

Legislative Guidance

Members will receive up to date information on new legislation, the government gazette, and other regulatory issues.

Receive up to date industry information on your desktop Via the Plastics|SA Communicator you can receive all the industry information you need on a daily basis. Personalise the information you would like to receive, ensuring that you only receive what you need.

Position Papers

Access official plastics industry position papers on critical and relevant issues regarding plastics as a material and the plastics industry.

Plastics |SA Newsletter

Members have the opportunity to submit industry news to online platforms.

Special discounted rates for Training

Plastics |SA is the leading provider of education and training services in the plastic industry and related sectors. We provide quality, accredited training courses throughout Sub - Saharan Africa, especially designed to meet the needs of the plastic industry. All courses are NQF aligned. Members will receive discounted rates for training.

How can we join?

Plastics|SA offers you and your organisation the opportunity to play an active role in the growth and development of the plastics industry. Together with our associations we can address plastics related issues, influence role players, and make plastics the material of choice.

Join one of our Member Associations below


Association of Rotational Moulders of South Africa

Tel: +27 82 880 4976


Expanded Polystyrene Association of South Africa

Tel: +27 11 622 2922


Plastics Converters Association of SA

Tel: +27 11 653 4789


PET Recycling Company

Tel: +27 860 147 738


Plastics Institute of Southern Africa

Tel: +27 11 314 4021


Polyolefin Recycling Company

Tel: +27 21 531 0647


Tel: +27 12 259 0554


South African Plastic Pipe Manufacturers Association

Tel: +27 11 314 4021


SA Plastics Recyclers Organisation

Tel: +27 83 654 8967



South African Vinyl Association

Tel: +27 82 444 6866