IMDG General Awareness/ Refresher Training

Oct 1, 2019 @ 10:09 am – 11:09 am
Kingfisher Conference Centre
Mt Edgecombe

International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, Including Amendment 39-18 published September 2018


Do you Export and is your training up to date?

IMDG Code Training has been mandatory for ALL shore side staff involved in the supply chain of dangerous goods transport by sea since January 2010.

Chapter 1.3 spells out Training requirements which includes
– General Dangerous Goods Awareness Training
– Safety Training for all personnel involved
– Job specific for certain job categories
– It now includes CTU Packing Code & VGM

It also requires periodic refresher Training, especially when the new 2 yearly amendments are published.
Amendment 39-18 was published in September 2018.

2019 is the transition year for phase-in and mandatory  from 1 January 2020.

General Awareness Training – essential for those responsible for operations and workers involved in the various activities concerning dangerous goods packaging, container packing, loading, transport, stowage and documentation to ensure familiarisation with dangerous goods transport regulations,  contents of th IMDG Code, awareness of the duties and responsibilities that arise from them, and the consequences of non-compliance. 
Job Specific Training – focus on job categories specified in the IMDG e.g. consignors, packers, booking office and clerical staff, freight forwarders, cargo handlers, loading and unloading operations etc.
Amendment 39-18 also requires Training on CTU Packing Code of Practice and the SOLAS VGM Regulations.
This 1 day course is aimed at Managers, Supervisors and Administrators as well as Warehouse Personnel, Clerical Workers, Customer Service and Sales Personnel, and any others who need a general understanding of the regulations

Course Content –

  • Overview of the IMDG Code and contents
  • The link between the IMDG Code and the UN Model Regulations for transport of dangerous goods, ADR & RID Regulations, and ICAO Air Transport
  • Amendment 39-18 – key changes
  • Training requirements for different job categories
  • Responsibilities in the Supply Chain
  • Classification of dangerous goods
  • Containment of DG – Packaging selection & UN certification of packaging
  • Use of the dangerous goods list
  • Marking and Labelling requirements
  • Documentation requirements
  • Loading of CTU’s and placarding
  • CTU Packing Code of Practice & Container weighing for VGM Regulations compliance

Various exercises and handouts will be included to assist highlight key issues, and facilitate understanding of the requirements, a demonstration of the Exis Technologies IMDG e-learning given

Certificate of Attendance will be presented at the end of the course