GHS Introduction Training

Oct 2, 2019 all-day
Kingfisher Conference Centre
Mt Edgecombe

Are you familiar with the GHS and New Regulations?
Are your Safety Data Sheets – SDS, and product labels GHS compliant?

What is the GHS and what does it mean to YOU and YOUR Business? The Globally Harmonised System for Classification and Labelling of chemicals is Global and Local best practice AND a Legal requirement.

Exporters take note that the GHS became mandatory from 1 June 2015 in Europe + many other Countries around the world, ALL SDS & labels must comply – are yours Compliant?
The GHS came into effect in SA in January 2015 under the Dept. of Environmental Affairs, Waste Classification Regulations for Classification of waste and GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets!.  It will also come into effect soon under a number of SA Regulations primarily the

  • Dept. Labour OHS Act – Hazardous Chemical Agents Regulations
  • Dept. Health, Hazardous Substances Act for classification of Group 1 and 2 chemicals
  • Dept. Agriculture Pesticides & Biocides for SDS and Labels.

The 1-day Introduction Course will demystify the confusion surrounding implementation of the GHS both in South Africa and Internationally. It is facilitated by Liz Anderson, who represents RPMASA on the UN Committee of Experts for the Transport of dangerous goods and the GHS.

It provides a solid understanding of what the GHS is and compliance imperatives for representatives from Industry and Government, particularly Management and Supervisors who have OHS Act responsibilities for their people, as well as Technical, SHEQ, RISK, Marketing, HR & Communications.
This course answers key questions: –

  • What is it’s purpose?
  • Legal framework Global and South Africa?
  • SADC Policy?
  • Is it best practice, or a legal requirement?
  • Who, and What sectors does it impact on?
  • Is it’s primary focus for industry and/or retail?
  • What impact does it have on transport placards & labeling?
  • How does it differ from transport classification?
  • How to start GHS classification?

About the Facilitators:
Liz Anderson has many years’ industry experience in, chemical, food, beverage, agriculture, pharmaceutical, plastics, packaging and supply chain. She consults on environmental & chemical management including Risk & Impact Assessments, Audits, Training & the GHS
Liz provides Technical expertise for the RPMASA, who she represents at the UN Committee of Experts for Transport of Dangerous Goods and the GHS. She works closely with National Departments of Environment, Labour, Transport, Health and Agriculture for new legislation and regulations.
Liz presents at various National & International Conferences  and presented Training on various Chemicals topics and the GHS.