World Environment Education Day

Plastics SA recognises its responsibility to educate society, businesses, and government entities about the critical importance of effective waste management, recycling plastics, and preventing plastic pollution in the environment. As part of its comprehensive mandate, we actively and continuously engage in a variety of impactful activities aimed at fostering environmental education and sustainability.

Key environmental education initiatives

Collector Training Workshops: Plastics SA is committed to enhancing recycling capabilities through specialised training workshops. These sessions empower individuals and businesses involved in collecting for recycling to adopt best practices, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable recycling process. Community Clean-ups: Plastics SA actively supports and participates in beach, river, and community clean-up initiatives across the country. By collaborating with local communities, the organisation strives to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of plastic pollution and promote responsible waste disposal. Municipal Engagement and Training: Plastics SA works closely with local municipalities to provide training to waste collectors and other stakeholders involved in waste management. This collaborative effort aims to improve waste collection processes and ensure the effective implementation of sustainable waste management practices. Captain Fanplastic School Programme: Targeting schools, Captain Fanplastic delivers a powerful message about the importance of recycling. Plastics SA is a proud supporter of this educational initiative, which aims to instil environmentally conscious habits in the younger generation, fostering a culture of sustainability and responsibility. River Clean-ups and Community Education: Plastics SA prioritises river clean-ups and partners with various organisations to deliver ongoing training and education to communities living near rivers and streams. Initiatives such as the Litterboom Project and the Inkwazi Isu River Catchment Project emphasise the significance of protecting water sources and preventing plastic pollution in these vital ecosystems. Sustainable practices to safeguard aquatic ecosystems: Plastics SA is the custodian of Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) in South Africa which aims to make zero plastic resin loss a priority for the plastics industry. Spilled pellets, flakes, and powder can make their way into local waterways and ultimately estuaries and the ocean. This isn’t just an eyesore and a litter issue: pellets, flakes, and powder could accidentally be mistaken for food by birds or marine animals. OCS educates manufacturers and recyclers about safe and responsible manufacturing processes that strive towards achieving zero pellet, flake, and powder loss.