A humble supermarket trolley, which most of us use at least once a week, has been crowned the Best Recycled Product of the Year at the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation’s (SAPRO) biennial competition which took place on Thursday, 14 October 2021.

The trolley, manufactured by Supercart SA (Pty) Ltd for Pick n Pay and entered for the Consumer & Leisure category, was made from High Density Polyethylene (PE-HD) and consists of 50 % post-consumer recyclate provided by MyPlas.

Commenting on what impressed the judges the most about the trolley, SAPRO General Manager Phil Sereme said: “Large, everyday articles that are well-made promote recycling in the best possible manner. Plastics need all the help they can get to remove the discomfort consumers associate with recycled products and the trolley goes a long way in achieving that. PE-HD is fully recycled in South Africa and large mouldings are particularly popular for recycling. It opens up the way for retailers to demonstrate circularity in an everyday product”.

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