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​Acknowledging and Implementing Ideas

​Agendas and Minutes of Meetings

​Analyse your Product and Embrace the Power of Digital

​Aspects of the Long Term Insurance Act

​Assessing Performance within your Team

​Assess the Wellbeing of your Team

​Attract and Retain Talent

​B-BBEE Course Outline

​Be a Client-oriented Business

​Be a Great Team Player

​Become an Expert in your Key Accounts

​Branding and Advertising

​Build and Position your Brand

​Cellular Layout and One-Piece Flow

​Coaching a Team Member

​Coaching and Mentoring Essentials

​Communication and Support during Change

​Communication Essentials for Leaders

​Communication Skills

​Competence, Agility and the Importance of Networking

​Coping with Stress and Change

​Create your Vision

​Creating a Culture of Creativity and Innovation

​Creating Value and Growth

​Customer Care

​Developing Creativity

​Developing Talent

​Developing your Leadership Skills

​Diagnose and adapt to other People's motivations

​Disciplinary Hearings

​Drawing up an identity card for your Unit

​Enhancing your competitive position

​EQ in the Workplace

​Essentials of Managing Key Accounts

​Ethics and Social Responsibility Awareness

​Feedback Essentials


​Finance Day to Day Operations

​Fostering Independence

​Fundamentals of Marketing

​Fundamentals of Recruiting a New Entrant

​Get the Best from your Staff

​Getting the Best from your Key Accounts

​Getting the Best from your mixed generation Team

​Getting to YES

​HIV/AIDS in the Workplace

​Implement Diversity into your working life

​Implement your Vision

​Improving your Team's Client Focus

​Increase Remote and Diverse Communication

​Interviewing a new Entrant

​Interviewing Senior Executives

​Keys to Project Management

​Knowing where the Workplace is Going and Getting There

​Launch a New Product or Service

​Lead a Mixed Generation Team

​Leadership Behaviour in the Workplace

​Leading your Team to Success

​Lean Philosophy and continuous Improvement

​Making a complex Sale

​Managing Styles enhancing Success

​Management Training

​Managing Conflict

​Managing Cost Centres

​Managing for Success

​Managing for the First Time

​Managing Workplace Relationships

​Managing your Time and Priorities

​Marketing and Client Focus

​Marketing Mix and Positioning

​Measuring Processes for Improvement

​Meetings that Deliver

​Monitor and Evaluate Team Members

​Motivating Individuals in your Team

​Motivating People for Performance

​Needs that leverage Teams and Organisations

​Negotiating Win Win Outcomes

​Options and how they are valued

​Personal Day to Day Effectiveness

​Planning and Managing your Time

​Preparing for a Training Session

​Preparing for Change

​Presentation Skills

​Quality at the Source

​Researching and Segmenting your Market

​Remote Management

​Remote Working

​Resolving Tension when things go wrong

​Running a Management Team

​Running a Training Session

​Self Awareness and Decision Making Skills

​Self-Confidence and Communication

​Self Esteem and Networking

​Selling your Ideas

​Sexual Harrassment

​Short Term Insurance Act and related Concepts

​Strategy and External Acquisitions

​Successful Public Speaking

​Telephone Etiquette

​The FAIS Act

​The Marketing Plan and Programme

​The Protection of Personal Information Act

​The Value Chain and Value Creation

​Tools to Communicate your Vision

​Understand Self and Team to Enhance Performance

​Understand your Digital Consumers and Strategy

​Understanding Costs

​Understanding Diversity

​Understanding the Supply Chain

​Using Teaching Techniques Effectively

​Value Creation and Corporate Strategy

​Workplace Induction