Plastics|SA’s Marketing and Communication Division focuses on managing the Plastics|SA brand and the plastics industry’s reputation, sharing relevant industry issues with industry roleplayers and disseminating industry news to the media and the general public to clarify misconceptions and to tell the plastics story.

Plastics|SA’s TV advertising campaigns


PlasticsSA Greening major Events in the Cape

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Radio Adverts

10 second Event Greening (English)

I can be so much more (English) 

Ek kan soveel meer wees (Afrikaans)




Plastics|SA’s Recycling Awareness Campaigns have reached an incredible number of online users .
Besides our television advertising campaign, which was first flighted in August 2014,  our social media drive on Facebook and Youtube was seen by 245,974. The campaign is currently sitting on a healthy 177,592 views on Youtube alone and counting, translating into an excellent educational drive on the benefits of recycling.

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Telling a Story of Hope

The 30 second commercial, entitled “Material of Hope” is based on the true-life story of Dorah Mbuli, a mother of two who earns a living by collecting plastics in neighbourhoods and selling the valuable waste to a buy back centre.The advert was filmed in Melville and at the Gugu Buyback Centre in Jeppestown, Johannesburg.  “However, this advert could be set anywhere in South Africa.  It follows a typical day in the life of one of the many faceless plastic collectors we see in our neighbourhoods, pushing their trolleys or digging through our recyclables.This advert aims to explain how the simple act of recycling your plastics has a profound impact on the lives of more than 47 000 people involved in informal collection and recycling on a daily basis, supported by a dynamic and well-developed plastics recycling industry.











I can be so much more…

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Imagine life without plastics…

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Recycling – giving hope…

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We are proud to announce that our newsletters are now available online, requiring a much smaller print run and allowing us to cut our carbon footprint accordingly, not to mention the production costs.

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Plastics|SA’s view on Degradable, Biodegradable and Oxo-Biodegradable Plastics

As the use and publicity of degradable plastics increases, so does the confusion surrounding the environmental claims put forward.  The general perception is that degradable plastics will dissolve and disappear over time versus conventional plastics that will be around forever. It is not that simple.Plastics|SA has created this position paper with the intention of better informing the public, media and packaging decision makers.
icon Position Paper on Biodegradable Plastics

Plastics|SA’s position paper on BPA

The use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in the production of food containers and specifically baby bottles has given rise to many chemical scare stories about avoiding products made from BPA.Plastics|SA is proud to announce that no baby bottles, plastics food packaging or beverage bottles manufactured in South Africa contain BPA.For more info, read our position paper on BPA.
icon BPA Position Paper