Plastics|SA goes digital

Keeping up with modern trends, Plastics|SA now issues ‘digital’ certificates instead of hard-copy certificates.

How does this work?

Once learners have been found competent in a learning programme, Plastics|SA, through its Digital Certificates service provider, Limelight Software, creates each learner’s digital original certificate.   Each digital certificate is loaded into Plastics|SA’s vault, as well as the relevant client’s vault, and is accessible on the website This website is very user-friendly, and certificates in the Vault can be easily e-mailed, printed or downloaded. Plastics|SA staff members are always on hand to talk you through the process.

Digital certificates:

  • obviate the need for printing of hard-copy certificates which would need to be collected, posted or delivered to a client’s premises;
  • mean no delay in the issuing of certificates, unless a learner is found not yet competent;
  • enable clients to always have access to learners’ certificates via the website;
  • enable clients to e-mail certificates;
  • bear a QRCode which, when scanned with a mobile phone, will display the original certificate. If the details on the certificate shown to you on paper or screen do not match the scanned image, then you are being shown a fraudulent certificate.

The certificates are loaded on the website by learning programme name and per course date, and will always be there for easy reference.  The client then has the option to print the certificate (in colour if preferred), and/or save the certificate.


Should you have any queries regarding these certificates, please do not hesitate to contact your Plastics|SA training administrator:

Gauteng:         Fhatu               Tel. 011 653 4788 or

Renee             Tel. 011 653 4797 or

KZN:                Desirée           Tel. 031 702 7222 or

WC:                 Kim                  Tel. 021 591 5512 or

Zikhona           Tel. 021 591 5512 or

Dianne Blumberg