Kenyan Trade Mission cancelled

Kenya is the largest economy in East Africa and the gateway to Tanzanian, Ugandan, Rwandan and Burundi markets, servicing a combined population of approximately 140 million, dominating regional trade, investment and manufacturing. (The latest report on the Kenyan market and opportunities is available here.)

Plastics|SA and Africa House recently invited industry to participate in a Trade and Investment mission to Kenya,  from 5 – 9 March 2018.  This mission is part of  the Growth through Export and Import Replacement strategy into Africa, promoting trade and investment links with Kenya.

Unfortunately, this mission has had to been cancelled due to insufficient interest.

It is indeed unfortunate, as exports are critical to South Africa if we are to increase our local market.  In order to increase the demand for our products, we need to actively pursue export opportunities.  Due to the current economic climate, our industry finds itself in a negative economic cycle and survival mode, however let’s not take our eyes off the potential export markets.

If companies feel that they may not be export ready, let’s go back to basics, change the mindset and GET EXPORT READY as soon as possible, not just for African opportunities but worldwide!

The DTI  have provided a list of events and exhibitions taking place worldwide, where, as part of this export drive, assistance will be offered to South African companies who wish to attend.  Please make use of these opportunities and let’s make a footprint on the other continents in terms of exports.



Dianne Blumberg