Crucial research underway for Kenya/SA plastics trade

The industry in SA faces many challenges, both from alternative materials as well as from foreign competition and as an industry, it needs to grow domestically and internationally.  As a result, Plastics|SA would like to investigate the potential that the Kenyan market offers to the industry at a number of levels, including as an export destination and a potential investment and joint venture market.  Being the manufacturing hub of the broader East African Community, which includes Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan, Kenya offers a pivotal role as an entry point into the broader East African region.

In order to understand the opportunities offered by the sector in Kenya, Plastics|SA has asked Africa House to organise a group visit to Kenya.


Phase 1, the research, will involve assessing the size and growth of key plastics opportunities in Kenya, followed by structured visits to the country to explore these in more detail and meet with potential partners in Kenya, enabling them to gain a better understanding of which companies are the correct ones for South African representatives to visit directly.

Phase 2 will be the pre-visit to the country to meet with the stakeholders and arrange for the visit of the delegation to Kenya.

Phase 3 will be the visit where Africa House will accompany Plastics SA and their representatives on a pre-scheduled series of meetings in Kenya.

If you would like to explore the potential of this vibrant sector and are interested in participating in the visit scheduled to take place in July 2017 (depending on positive research results), please email as soon as possible.