Operation Clean Sweep

Exciting News – Operation Clean Sweep SA launches 8 June 2017!

Most plastic consumer products are made from small plastic pellets the size of a small sunflower seed (without the shell). Plastic makers have developed an innovative program called “Operation Clean Sweep” to help keep these pellets where they belong – in factories, trucks and railcars and out of the natural environment.
This worldwide campaign’s goal is to help every plastic resin handling operation implement good housekeeping and pellet containment practices to work towards achieving zero pellet loss.

It is thus pertinent that World Oceans Day on 8 June 2016  is dedicated to celebrating the world’s oceans, their amazing diversity and the critical role that they play in sustaining life on land.

This year, Plastics|SA and partners meet at Ushaka Sea World in Durban, to celebrate and launch the Operation Clean Sweep Programme which will be rolled out to industry to be implemented in manufacturing environments.

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